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Kurosaki Ichigo
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Physical Appearance & Personality of Character: With a shock of bright orange hair that looks like it's never seen a comb in YEARS, Kurosaki Ichigo stands out like a sore thumb wherever he goes, and it doesn't help that he's rather tall either. Having grown out of his geeky teenage years and into a good-looking young man of 22. Brash, rough, stubborn, Ichigo has quite a potty mouth and a short temper as well. The strawberry young man is also known for his occasional bouts of immaturity, but those are few and far between unless Renji is put into the equation. Then he's nothing but a four year old with all the temper of a pitbull on PMS. He's considered rather intelligent, but sometimes is prone to mild bouts of stupidity now and then, and he blames it all on Renji, the bastard.

Despite this, however, he has a heart of gold and has a strong desire to protect and care for those he loves no matter what the cost, even though he does have odd ways of showing it. Rough exterior aside, Ichigo can be considered a kind soul who more often than not lends a hand to help those who need it. In addition, he possess a fierce loyalty for those he considers his friends, and some very interesting, practical views on life.

Background of Character: Ichigo was born into a normal family, with a mother who loved him more than anything and two younger sisters. As his father hadn't been around very often thanks to his work in the Kurosaki clinic, Ichigo spent most of his time with his mother - he had a very strong bond with her, and she was the one the young boy would give anything for, right until the day he saw his mother killed by a robber before his very eyes.

Horrified and traumatized, the young Ichigo blamed himself for not being able to protect his mother from such a criminal, and withdrew so deeply into his shell that no one was able to draw him out. He got into fights when he was a little older - mostly because of his hair color - and had learned how to fight back to protect himself. It wasn't easy, but he managed to get by. Eventually, however, he found an interest in swordsmanship, and that he had quite a talent in that particular sport. He began going for classes, and the few friends he'd made - namely Renji and Rukia - gave him a few hard knocks on the head and dragged him out of his shell.

Eventually, Ichigo graduated from University with a major in Communications, and decided to put that degree to good use; because the other alternative was to work at the Kurosaki clinic and endure his dad's crap day in and day out - which, really, was not the best thing to do unless you're drunk and you have earplugs on.